Does your son/daughter have a lot of potential but their way of thinking holds them back?

Are you tired of incentivizing, pleading, punishing, micromanaging, etc.?

What they need is a Mindset Shift - a broader perspective that enables them to make better decisions based on benefits and consequences.

In this course, students learn how to think so that they don't succumb to the downward pull of emotions like hopelessness and powerlessness, and instead, seek out empowering thoughts to focus on whenever they catch themselves slipping.

In just 15 mins, every 3 days for 60 days, your tween/teen will cultivate the thought habits of a resilient mindset!

Ideal for:

~ Kids ages 11-15 years old.

~ Kids that struggle with managing feelings of hopelessness or powerlessness in any area of their lives.

~ Kids that consistently display attributes of the under-confident or the over-confident student.

~ Kids that could use a boost in confidence or motivation.

"Ava's mindset, her ability to use storytelling, and the course's simplicity addresses common mental health issues in a way that is effective and applicable to a vast majority of teenagers. In addition, the course is detailed enough to make sure that students don't miss the importance of skill building.  Thank you, Ava, for your excellent resource!!!"

-Cindy Morton

(High School Counselor of 20+ years)

How It Will Help Your Son/Daughter:

Through insightful and entertaining video and audio lessons, and self reflective journaling prompts...
... this course will help to change their thought habits, conditioning them to be more solution oriented...
... and gradually, this will increase their self awareness, confidence and mental fortitude.

Watch the course trailer for the students:


What They Will Learn:

Curriculum Overview

Module 1: Trust and Commitment


Give students an overview of what they'll be learning.

~ Instructor introduction and earning their trust.

~ Influence students to commit to taking this course through completion, for their own well being.

Module 2: Choosing Self Defined


~ Introduction to the concept of self awareness.

~ Get students to assess how much they are allowing themselves to be defined by their circumstances.

~ Encourage them to think independently.

~ Get students to evaluate their current values and what the pros and cons of those values are in the long term.

Adjust values as needed.

Module 3: Understanding How We Work


~ Teach students about the 2 primary negative emotions that tend to influence our actions and decision - hopelessness and powerlessness.

~ Discuss the types of thought patterns that lead to these primary emotions.

Module 4: Hopelessness to Hopeful


~ How to think to avoid feeling of hopelessness.

~ How to think in order to free ourselves from the grips of hopelessness when we find ourselves spiraling that way.

~ How to identify feelings of powerlessness (or resentment).

Module 5: Powerlessness to Empowered


~ How resentment distorts our thinking.

~ How to avoid, manage and channel resentment.

~ Focusing on what's in our control.

~ Controlling our attitude with gratitude and courage.

Module 6: Channeling


~ A contemplation on the best and strongest version of ourselves.

~ A spotlight on inspirational role models that overcame overwhelming adversity and how they did it.

~ How and why you can do it too.

About the instructor: Ava Sharma

Ava is a passionate entrepreneur and mindset coach, with over 10 years of experience in the education industry and a passion for motivational psychology.

"My objective for this course is to teach kids how to use their emotions with intent, so that they are better able to discern what thoughts and feelings they should ignore, redirect, and channel."

(Pic: Ava Sharma, CEO & Founder of Academian Nut, LLC.)

Ava Sharma, CEO & Founder - Academian Nut, LLC


Empower their thinking, strengthen their mindset!

20 Video + audio lessons

20 Journal exercises

(Course length ~4 hours total)

Lifetime access to course.